The tame Group print 193 000 papers weekly and 61 000 bi-monthly therefor 254 000 in total giving us a monthly readership of 1 270 000.

tame Times differentiates the titles by LSM groups, and not by suburbs as there is a huge difference in shopping and spending habits between the LSM groupings.

tame Times supports local schools with School news, editorial and marketing as well as training and scholarship.  We are fully committed to Charities, Old Age Homes and Hospices in the communities we serve.

tame Times are also committed to Animal Care, Green initiatives as well as the preservation of our National Heritage Sites.

As a media partner to the local Government, we strive to assist in raising the standard of service delivering by giving constructive criticism through to local government departments.

We strive to make every community we serve a better building block of a better South Africa.

Extra Details

Media Brand:Tame Times
Booking Deadline:48 hours before Distribution
Cancellation Policy:72 hours before Print Date. If this campaign is cancelled before the full 5 inserts have been placed, the normal rates will apply for the adverts already placed.
Creative Material Deadline:36 hours before Print Date
Creative Restrictions:All newspaper advertising is accepted on a run-of-press (ROP) basis. Although advertisers may request a position or section, Tame Times does not guarantee positions, except for power positions.
Tame Times exercises its right to refuse advertising that does not meet policy standards; that would be confusing or misleading to readers; that would damage Tame Times’ credibility in the marketplace.
Creative Production Services Included:Yes

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Tame Times

Tame Times is the fastest growing Community Newspaper Group in South Africa. We strive to make every community we serve a better building block of a better South Africa.

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