About OnRoute Magazine

OnRoute magazine is the only independent in-car travel, lifestyle and adventure publication in South Africa that is endorsed by numerous and significant partners (see below). As such, OnRoute has experienced continued growth over the last five years and continues to do so as it communicates with the entire family while en route to their favourite holiday destinations. This means that the content is consumed in a great state of mind and therefore enjoyed even more! Distributed during peak holiday seasons, the magazine has a strong readership that includes but is not limited to: families, tourists, sports enthusiasts, adventurers and business people looking to enjoy a well-deserved break.

The magazine’s content focuses on travel, road safety, and family time which includes some of these aspects:

• Route travel: We highlight and showcase desirable venues and activities along all the major road routes in South Africa. We also uncover the “hidden gems”.

• Road safety: All aspects of road safety are covered within the content of the magazine to ensure safety of all travellers.

• Partner news: We showcase all relevant news from our partners.

• Tourism bodies and tourism department news.

• Cool tech and motor reviews that include gadgets, boats, cars and toys.

• Kids pull-out section that keeps them occupied with games and puzzles to do in the car.

• Hearts projects: Nature and social responsibility projects.

• Event guide that includes festivals, shows and initiatives.

• Impressive photography and interviews with celebs.

Our Uniqueness

OnRoute takes advantage of the “BOREDOM FACTOR” that we all suffer from on long road trips. And, as much as we’re excited for our holiday, travelling can be seen as a waste of time. This is where OnRoute steps in – distributed at the major toll gates at the beginning of the school holidays, it reaches this “captivated” audience for as long as their journey lasts! In addition to the 12 500 print run, the magazine is also supported by digital media which includes the website, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as digital mailers sent to the OnRoute community on a monthly basis.

Benefits Of Partnering With OnRoute

• Your company/brand will be speaking to an attentive and captive audience during their journey.

• Your company/brand will be speaking to high net worth individuals at a time when they are relaxed and enthusiastic.

• We create three-tier marketing packages that include print, social and web that maximise exposure and therefore offer better ROI.

• With our unique distribution platform and advantageous timing, you are guaranteed to speak to individuals that regularly travel and can afford to travel during peak seasons.

• Targeting families at a time when they have cash readily available.

• Fantastic digital and social competitions that tie into print campaigns

Extra Details

Media Brand:onRoute Magazine
Booking Deadline:Issue dependent. Refer document downloads for details.
Cancellation Policy:No cancellations can be accepted within six weeks of publication.

35% before material deadline
100% after material deadline
Creative Material Deadline:Issue dependent. Refer document downloads for details.
Creative Restrictions:All creative requires approval by Contact Media and Communications prior to placement.

TRIM SIZE: 210mm(w) x 275mm(h)
TYPE AREA: 190mm(w) x 255mm(h)
BLEED: 5mm all round
Creative Production Services Included:Yes

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