Eduvation Digital Package 1 includes the following: 

  • Banner (500 x 62 pixels) placed on Eduvation website homepage for 3 months. (Inclusive of design and copy) – See example images – BLOCK 1. 
  • Boosted on Facebook (Our campaigns have reaches of 200,000+) – See example images.
  • Shared on Twitter
  • Placed article in monthly newsletter together with banners
  • Featured blog on client inclusive of a banner

Extra Details

Media Brand:Eduvation
Booking Deadline:7 business days prior to flighting.
Cancellation Policy:If the Agreement is cancelled, within 5 days of flighting, for any reason whatsoever, Eduvation shall be entitled to retain the Advertising Fee paid by the Advertiser; and be entitled to be paid the remaining monies due for the term of the agreement forthwith.
Creative Material Deadline:7 business days prior to flighting.
Creative Restrictions:Eduvation offers creative production services as added value if required. All supplied materials are required to be approved by Eduvation before flighting.
Creative Production Services Included:Yes

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The Eduvation Network is a digital education company that specialises in providing a wide variety of accredited courses for professional development aimed at the Educators and Health Practitioners through our online, secure, cloud-based Learning Management System.

With over 137,000 platform subscribers, Eduvation's growing footprint within the fast growing education market, makes for an extremely ripe environment for advertisers looking to gain access and influence education.  Eduvation is a level 2 BEE company.

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