Our digital campaigns generally including the following:

• Editorial content series (articles) written from a creative angle that will

resonate with our readers. The article will also include 2 – 10 lifestyle

images supplied by the client (content creation can be provided at an

additional cost)

• Dedicated campaign page with a unique URL

• A Giveaway

• Banners dedicated to the campaign / giveaway: banners are hosted

across the site and will promote and link back to the campaign page

hosting all the editorial articles.

• Social media posts promoting your brand and creating social media


• Social media boosting to ensure extensive reach

Duration of the campaign: 2 – 4 weeks

Creative content creation: Additional cost

Please view the attached document “PPC Editorial Campaign” as an example.

Digital Statistics:

Website users per month: Average 1300 users

Facebook likes: 5856

Twitter followers: 1324

Instagram followers: 4188

Extra Details

Media Brand:DEKAT Magazine Website
Booking Deadline:Min 4-6 weeks before campaign needs to go live.
Cancellation Policy:Digital advertising cancellation policy
a) notice of cancellation received 28 days or more before first display, 25% of total booking fee due
b) notice of cancellation received 8-27 days before first display, 50% of total booking fee due
c) notice of cancellation received 0-7 days before first display, 100% of total booking fee due

If the Buyer has paid sums for Advertisements in advance and is entitled to a refund, ASM shall use its reasonable endeavours to pay such refund to the Buyer within 30 Working Days of receipt of the written notice of cancellation.

Should the Buyer, part way through wish to stop or cancel an Advertisement that is being displayed in an Online Publication for an agreed period of time in excess of 14 days then the Buyer must given written notice to ASM of its request to stop or cancel the Advertisement and all charges connected with the display of the Advertisement shall, unless otherwise expressly agreed by ASM in writing, be non-refundable.

Please see our full Terms & Conditions in the attached document.
Creative Material Deadline:Min 4-6 weeks before campaign to work on the concept and 2 - 4 weeks for content creation (if applicable).
Creative Restrictions:Creative Materials needs to fit into the DEKAT brand

We offer creative content creation at an additional cost
Creative Production Services Included:No

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DEKAT celebrated its 32nd anniversary in July 2017. The magazine is an award-winning lifestyle icon in the Afrikaans community and has been available in English since 2007. Comprising progressive, modern and freethinking readers, the DEKAT target market ranges from professionals and families to individuals, all with a healthy disposable income.

  • Work status: Skewed among working people, business owners, and housewives
  • Age group: 16 – 50+ with an average age of 43
  • Income bracket: 57% of readers in LSM 10, 45% of readers have tertiary education
  • Male to female split: 42%:58%
  • Racial split: 56% White; 25% Coloured; 19% Black

Website users per month: Average 1300 users Facebook likes: 5856 Twitter followers: 1324 Instagram followers: 4188  

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