Massiv Metro is part of Massiv Media, a Transit media company started 10 years ago. Transit TV, rank branding and large screen TV in ranks evolved in 2016 to include free Wifi in the major ranks. In 2017 Massiv Metro was launched, a digital radio station reaching audiences through in-taxi devices that “capture” the taxi, giving passengers the full experience of the live radio station, coming from our studios in Rosebank. Starting with the DJ Sbu Breakfast from 6-9, the youth programme Woke from 9-11, Massiv Mix 11-12, Esbayeni with Zola7 from 12-3, and the Shutdown from 3-6pm with Chilli M and Mbali Nkosi. Every evening from 6-7 catch the Massiv XI, a comprehensive soccer show with Mark Fish, Jabu Mahlangu and Christoph Bongo. We currently have 800 taxis operating, mainly in the Gauteng area, reaching just under 700 000 listeners per week, and will be rolling out to 3000 taxis nationally in due course. At our ranks, with over 1 million people passing through per day, commuters can listen to Massiv Metro for free, while browsing the web or social media. This hybrid radio model is breaking the data barrier facing most internet radio stations, taking digital radio from niche to mass market!

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Media Brand:Massiv Metro
Booking Deadline:48 hours prior to first broadcast
Cancellation Policy:7 days prior to first broadcast
Creative Material Deadline:24 hours prior to first broadcast. Radio spots in MP4, MP3 or .wav
Creative Restrictions:All creative material needs to approved by Massiv Metro prior to flighting.
Creative Production Services Included:Yes

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Massiv  Metro  is  a  digital  radio  station  targeting  Urban  Commuters  in  the  LSM  6-9  categories.  15  million  people  per  day  travel  in  taxis,  and  our  innovative  technology,  currently  in  800  taxis  and  8  major  taxi  ranks,  and  growing,  targets  this  captive  segment.

With  major  celebrities  such  as  DJ  Sbu,  Zola  7,  Chilli  M,  and  our  Massiv  XI  soccer  show,  advertisers  are  guaranteed  an  engaged  audience.   Our  current  audience  includes  672 000  passengers  in  our  taxi  network,  and  over  1  million  commuters  per  day  in  our  wifi  enabled  ranks.  The  app  is  available  on  Apple  and  Google,  and  to  date  has  been  downloaded  over  25 000  times.  Check  us  out  on

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