Tuks FM, a community radio station based on the Hatfield campus of the University of Pretoria, connects brands with the youth in the greater Tshwane area by creating multi-platform content that is relevant to and resonates with its market.

Tuks FM strives to create memorable listener experiences by cross-promoting its on-air offering on its various online platforms. The radio station has a very strong and engaged social media following, with +171 400 followers on Twitter, +79 600 likes on Facebook and +4 200 Instagram followers.

Tuks FM focuses on creating quality and value, offering clients a service that is on par with commercial level, but at community prices. The power of Tuks FM lies in the connection the radio station makes with its audience on a daily basis, therefore successfully delivering clients’ marketing messages and securing return on investment.

Further to this, Tuks FM has won over 30 national awards, including Campus Station of the Year for four consecutive years.

Extra Details

Media Brand:Tuks FM
Booking Deadline:48 hours prior to first broadcast
Cancellation Policy:Please see Advertising Agreement
Creative Material Deadline:48 hours prior to first broadcast
Creative Restrictions:All live reads must be pre-approved by Tuks FM.
Creative Production Services Included:No

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Tuks FM

Tuks FM speaks to a forward-thinking, brand-conscious youth market in the greater Tshwane area. We connect brands with the upwardly mobile student and young professional market, offering them the opportunity to attract this group early and turn them into loyal, lifelong clients. We also exclusively offer clients access to the University of Pretoria's main campus, with a captive audience of some 55 000 students on a daily basis.

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